Monday, November 2, 2009

Paris hilton sex. Boom!!!

Paris hilton sex. Great picz:

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This question is always someone old but isn't PROUD of Jaime Lynn Spears? First of all, I do not condone teenagers having sex. When I was a teenager I did not, but I'm proud of her for keeping her baby. Did you know that Paris Hilton (and probably many others) had abortions ... yes plural (you would have to pay the bills). Im sick of women calling her a whore and saying his career is over, that only increases the fear of getting pregnant girls and make them more susceptible to get rid of the problem. For all those who are morally bashing her memory that she could easily have obtained an abortion and hid everything. I am proud, not proud DAMN is to keep the child knows the **** would happen if he did. I hate the double standard. Oh and Britney got married and had children on purpose, people said he wanted to be a young mother when she was 17 years. I cannot believe I posted this because I hate Spears and I do not pay attention to the media much, but this pisses me off. He made a mistake, but SHE IS being a woman and do the right thing now, when he could easily get rid of it.
Watch her N U D E video here!

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